Why Cana?

Cana Royal Water is the first Slovenian premium water that originates in the middle of the unspoiled nature of the goricko landscape park in Prekmurje. Cana Royal Water is a highly mineralized water with a unique ratio of calcium and sodium. It contains a lot of calcium and very little sodium

Cana Royal Water

Calcium (CA)

Cana Royal Water contains a high content of calcium, as much as 340 mg / L. Calcium plays an important role in building bones and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Calcium has been shown to contribute to normal blood clotting, re-metabolism, muscle function, normal nerve impulse transmission and normal utilization of digestive enzymes.

Sodium (NA)

ana Royal Water contains only 8.6 mg / l and can be described as "suitable for low sodium diets". Most sodium is obtained with the help of table salt. Although sodium is essential for the normal functioning of the body’s functions, excessive intake can also cause health problems such as high blood pressure, which harms our heart and circulation.

Why Cana Royal Water

CANA : CaNa tells the story of the rich composition of the elements. It contains a lot of calcium (Ca) and very little sodium (Na).

ROYAL: CANA Royal Water” was named after the royal history. Already in 1910, in the area of today’s pumping station, there was a well called “Royal spring”.

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